Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Heating Acetate

Wendy Vecchi has a product called Clearly For Art. 3 different colors to play with. I haven't got any yet, but loved how you can heat the stuff, form it while it's hot, and in 10secs it cools into shape. And it's solid. But, if you don't like the way it turned out, heat it up again and it flattens right back out. Too stickin cool.
You can see her demo it here . Her blog for another use of it is here:

Aaaaannyways, I couldn't wait to try out the technique. So I tried it with plain ole acetate that I had kept from a Texture Trade package. Cut out a Tathered Floral die from it and gave it a go.

First of all, it seems I missed a step Wendy says in her tut. I forgot to add the blending solution onto the applicator pad along with the Alcohol inks. But it seems to have worked out anyways. 

Firstly I covered all the cut outs with Glue and Seal Matt. Let it get good and dry. Then I used a blue color and a metallic silver AI's and just pounced over and over until I liked the look. The next step was to take the heat gun to it and when it's good and heated (watch those fingers) I just bend/mold the petals to shape. In a few seconds it's rock solid. All three pieces are held together with a little brad. Quicker and easier than glueing all three oddly shaped pieces. Then it was just a matter of finding a center piece.

So even tho using acetate seemed to work like Wendy's Clearly for was a slightly smelly when I heated it, so I had to wonder if I was breathing in toxins. So just be aware of that and don't stand over the piece and breath in, if you're too anxious to try it out with acetate.

The fancy square die cuts are from Nestabilities

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