Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Swing Card

Working again with my newest embossing powder - the Red Dragon, I tried it on some cattails cut outs, just by pressing it into the embossing pad. It didn't quit cover the entire item, but I still liked the way it turned out. Total coverage may have been a bit too dark for my liking. And after I took the photo I added some multi colored flower stamps alongside the backside of the card. I enjoyed doing this type of card....but I must remember to always use a heavier, 2sided paper - which this one is - to give it more strength. Using thinner paper just doesn't hold up well for the flipping movement and all the embellishments we put on it.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Sew Graceful

Here it is! I've been waiting to share this with everyone, but had to wait until I had given it to my Mom. Today was the day. Crafted on a 16x12 canvas and then mounted on a picture frame that I painted white. It has everything... charms- a hanger and one with her name, Roses - hand made and misted with perfect pearls,  cuttlebug embossed sissors, paper trimed with a Martha Stewart punch, Tim Holtz' inked paper doilies and measuring tape, pins and bottons and bobbles of thread, lace trim and ribbons , and some goregous victorian paper. I had a lot of fun creating it....hope you like it too.

This project with some pretty bottons is entered in the Simon says stamp challenge of the week.

Butterfly tags

     Here's a few tags I did just for fun. I was playing with my new Red Dragon embossing powder. Then after heating it I touched it only to find out it wasn't dry enough yet....different brand, different reactions I guess. Anyways, that's why there's a brighter spot in the middle of the butterfly on the first tag. My thumb tho ended up a little orange :) The white spots are from the white glossy embossing powder I used for the leaves and the Dream...I kinda like the way it spilled into the orange and heated right into the previously heated orange. Cool. I must try some more mixing!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Birthday Glitter Girl

Sometimes it's all about the glitter isn't it?? Glitter on the ribbon, glitter on the butterfly and glitter on the hot air balloon. I believe the lady who received this card was pretty sparkly herself :)

Man Card

Here's a card done with my favourite - Tim Holtz distress inks, masking, and lots of glitter on the butterfly

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

I must invest in a good camera. I can never seem to capture the way they really look in person!
This one starts with a pretty, already textured, yellow card. I used some awesome stamps from a Christian collection I have, using archival black ink. Added a few cut and layered flower and the piese de le resistance, is from Penny Duncan's fabulous collection of svgs. Mine tho, weren't curled like she does....I just couldn't get them to look like mine stayed as you see.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sugar and Flour

Adding some flavour to the kitchen, these jars where painted with folk art enamals, and is painted right the way around.

Book Mark Tag

Lots of embossing on this one...white for the snowflakes, and red for the greeting. With the added tiny little pewter letter blocks for the Major's name- the tag really has more dimension then it looks. A swirl mask for the background, and Tim Holtz Fired Brick distress inks around the edges .....It all came out to feel a little heavy so I coated the tag with some varnish to give it some extra strength.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cookies and Cake

Painting on fondant was a different experience that's for sure. There's no room for error. No paint over and do again. It's a one shot deal! With these ediables I used brand new brushes, food dye for paint and the ususal one stroke painting technique. Except for the Cars cake of course.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Prisma Colored Pencils

 Prisma colored digi stamps, with one of my favourite mediums...Tim Holtz Distress Inks. What would I do without them!

Fairy Girl

I used Prisma Color pencils to color the digi stamp,
Tim Holtz distress inks, gem glitter for her wings and a few extra
little embellishments to add a little more sparkle.

Quickie Cards

Sometimes you get caught off guard and need a couple of cards real quick. The cuttlebug came in quite handy for these.

Mail Boxes

        These were painted with the Folk Art Enamels for
the outdoor elements. I hope the mailman liked the sentiment! :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Painted Trinket Boxes

Painted with Folk Art paints - as always, they're my favourite! A light coat of varnish only on the painted design as not to alter the original color of the box - from the gloss or matt finish of the varnish.

Hand Painted Soap

These hand painted soaps are pretty for decorations, but are totally usable. The soap melts away and in the end you're left with a layer of painted flowers. Layers of Modge Podge is the key for these. Layered ontop of the soap, and then again ontop of the painted design. They made great Christmas gifts for teachers, along with a pretty little hand towel....usally I paint the same design from the towel onto the soap to match.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

OJ glassware and tray set.

 It's the pitcher that's tiny, not the glasses that are oversized :) The glassware is painted with Folk Arts Enamel paints, and the tray with normal Folk Art paint and finished up with a good coat of varnish.

Rose Bud Wreath

Hand painted rose buds and leaves.
The Birthday Blessings sentiment is another cricut cut.
I just love the Cricut.
I used   WANDAS  "side bracket" svg for this card. The tags and butterfly cut with the cricut, some Tim Holtz distress inks to color the tags and butterfly with some added sprinkle flakes. And some Versamark ink for the Happy Birthday background. For the candle 'mask' I just used candlestick cut out of a piece of cardstock

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Garden Hat

A garden hat for my Mom. It was painted with enamels so it would last in all gardening weather conditions. :)

Flower Vase

Hand Painted with Folk Arts Enamel paints. I also painted a set of 4 wine glasses to go along with it

Monday, 4 April 2011

Pianted vases and bubbly glasses

Enamel painted vases and champaine glasse

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Reach 4 the sky

Quick and easy ....cricut cut baroque frame, ballon stamped with Tim Holtz walnart distress inks and perfect pearls, and reach  4  the sky broken china...ribbon/charm  to finish it off.