Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012

As in every year, on Jan 1st, we celebrate my Mom's birthday. She was in fact the first born in her town. But born at home in 1941, the Dr. hadn't arrived yet as he was busy at another farm delivering another baby there. So that birth was officially recorded as the first of the year, not knowing that Mom had already been born without his assistance. Good thing everything went smoothly, and it was my Grandmother's 3rd child, so experience was on her side.

So today I made her a card from a brand new starters quilling kit that she actually gave me for Christmas. What fun it is really. And who knew there are soooo many things you can make out of rolled paper.

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. What a pretty and festive card!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! What a fun memory!!! I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your very sweet comment on my blog!!! I wish you a very blessed day!!!

  2. Gorgeous card Laura :-) I am sure your Mum Loves this ,, what a fab crafty gift to receive too :-)

    Lols x x x