Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wreath of many pages.....

I almost forgot about this until I opened my own door and saw it there! The idea to make a wreath out of pages from a book came from a ladies blog that I can't seem to find anymore. But if you google " you made a wreath out of what?"'ll find some pretty clever ideas. She actually used a dictionary, but I couldn't quite tear up Webster's so I tore up a rather huge 16 short novel book. It had nice white pages, and so did the trick.

It's base is a 8", round ice cream lid, covered in the same white pages. Glued some ribbon to hang it by, onto the back of the lid.
Roll each page so they have a pointy end, staple it at the bottom to hold it together, and hot glue them down onto the lid. Start at the outside and work your way towards the center. The closer tou get to the center, the shorter they are. I found a silk poinsetta laying around all lonely looking, so it got glued into the center along with a large pearl.

Entered in this weeks Simon Says Stamp challenge.


  1. what a fabulous decoration !! I love the paper, great idea and the poinsettia in the center is a perfect finishing touch :-)

    thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge :-)
    Lols x x x

  2. FUN! I love the cleverness of it all pulled together. Thanks for sharing!