Monday, 12 September 2011

Painted Lizard Tank

Well, this one was a stretch for me. Not the glass painting in particular, but because it was for a lizard!! She seems to enjoy her new enviroment and sits and gazes into the abyss as if looking for a fellow slithereene.

The background was painted on black bristle board and taped to the outside of the tank. Folk Art Enamels had the best impact, as the non enamels just got soaked up by the bristle board and lost it's vitality. But the glass was painted with the non enamels solely because if we want to wipe the tank clear of any painting at some point, it still can be done. Enamels would be on for good.

So now Ms. Lizard ....Gucci is her name....has her dessert and her jungle.


  1. Wow - you painted that?! It's gorgeous!! Turned out beautifully. I'm impressed.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Appreciate it!

  2. She has no idea she's not in the jungle :) Fantastic job!!

  3. great job! does Gucci even realize she lives in a piece of art? ;)