Sunday, 18 September 2011

Altered Agenda

Every year the elementary schools have us buy agendas for the kids - for teachers comments, and to write down homework assignments. Depending on the teacher this was either useful or a big waste of money. For the most part a big waste of money. So this year I put my foot down and refused to buy one. I could buy sandwhich stuff for both boys for that kind of money.

Aaaaanywaaays, he still needed something to use, so I made my own and altered an old school work book (see the irony) that was never used in class. It was probably something I saved from kindergarten! Lots of bound paper inside, all of it 3 holed bunched. So all I did was take some Tim Holtz paper, embossed with ebony the word Agenda, stamped a bunch of images on the front, inside and back inside cover. For the back covered I just inked it up because it came with useful information  like mulitplication times table charts, metric converstions etc, for reference. I just used some Tim Holtz inks to match it up a bit and tone down the orginal green color. Apparently the teacher loved it and even showed it to the rest of the class. Pissst~ I wonder how long it will take for him to see I used Tim Holtz Valentine and has "I Love You" on it :)

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