Sunday, 29 May 2011

Robins getting ready to fly

This morning I woke up and found all three little babies sitting on the edge of the nest. Guess it won't be long now. Momma and Pappa are still feeding them, and will continue to even after they've flewn away. We have a bunch of trees just across the driveway for them where they usually end up landing....or shall we say "falling with style". Last year one little guy didn't make it, and landed on the ground below. My son and I went out to help him get into the tree. I should have taken a camera because the outcome was priceless. Despite seeing us everyday on the balcony, the little guy still won't allow us to catch him. We could get close, but not close enough. My son took off his fadora hat and held it out to him. Sure enough he hopped right over, jumped up on the rim of the hat (it looks like a nest to him I guess ) and stayed there until we lifted it up to the nearest tree branch!! So it was a happy ending...for two reasons...the bird was safe from that black and white cat AND the bird didn't poop in the hat!! :)

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