Saturday, 21 May 2011

Robins and her babies

For 4 years in a row now, Robins have been coming to my 4th floor balcony. There I have a wall mounted vase filled with silk flowers. Don't know why they like it so much, but it's been great fun having them year after year. I don't even know if it's the same couple, or their offspring, or a whole new crew every time. This year a couple of Doves swooped in before the Robins returned from the winter away. They just used the nest left by the Robins the year before. Usually I take it out but the Doves beat me to it. Apparently they are not good nest builders and so just used what was available. I call them my squatters birds. They raised 2 babies. This photo shows the baby being feed milk from the mothers mouth. Once they grew up and flew off, the Robins were back the next day and rebuilt, or rather added to the same nest and laid 4 eggs. Last year was ridiculous.....the Robins laid 3 different batches of eggs in one season. 2, 3 and then 4. They were busy parents!! One year one of the babies fell out....feathered but too young to leave the nest.  I sat down on the floor of my balcony with a brown (Martha Stewart) tea towel over my hands. Cupping them together to look a bit like a nest. Stretched out my arms and called to her. With my whistle I had whistled every time I went out to my balcony. And wouldn't you know it, after 10 or 15 minutes, she hopped right over to me....a good 5 feet away, and hopped right into my hands. I stood on a chair and placed her back into the nest with the others. It was so cool. One of those moments I will never ever  forget.  Momma and Pappa Robin continued to feed her for the rest of her stay. I have other stories too but this post has been long enough. ;)

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