Sunday, 1 November 2015

A little Bouzouki anyone?

The image of this Greek guitar was printed out in color, on cardstock and cut out.
I wanted the base of it really really large,
so I left the arm of it on the cutting room floor, but tried to mimic it with the punch I used
for the birthday greeting.
The background is modeling paste on a brick stencil.

I cut out an identical shape for the back, added the little brown pieces so it looks like the insdie of the guitar, and added foam dots to adhere the two together.

The rest of the guitar constructed with great patience...oh my.
Getting those stings tight and looking right...a challenge for sure.
But step by step, glue the bottom first, let it dry,
pull them taught and glue the next level and repeat until I reached the top tucking the top ends underneath. And trying to follow the
image of strings at the top of the guitar that came printed in the image.

The left photo shows how I cut out the hole (exatco knife), following the guitars fancy design and glued the image down with foam dots to give it some depth. Then, at the bottom here, (right hand photo) I had printed out a second image so I could cut and adhere that little piece on top of the string ends, a strategic layer of foam dots too.
The strings are made of some plain ole string which I put in a bag and added some Silver Mixative Alcohol Inks. Smooched it around until they were all coated.

The guitar had a mother of pearl look to the design and the best way
I could bring that to life was to add some stickles to make it sparkle


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