Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Window

I love the brick embossing folder, but don't love the size of it. IMHO all embossing folders should be the size of a 5x6.5 " that way it can be used easily on other card sizes besides the A2. So for that reason I had to piece this one together with 4 pieces. The ribbon hiding the pieces on the bottom.
So I thought I'd try using the brick stencil and use some modeling paste. It still required me to move the stencil into a second position to cover the card, but I like it! And it was less time consuming.

I moved quickly as the paste dries fast, so it was a sort of slap stick kind of application.
Which left some sharp pointy edges. Easily softened out with some gently sanding with a soft sanding paper.
I did two different sentiment versions!

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