Friday, 26 October 2012

Dylusions surprise - updated

Recently I was at the Scrapfest and got to try out Dyan's Dylusions. I had chosen purple and blue, and was instructed to use a stamp and archival black ink.
Well I went a little heavy on the sprays but continued stamping anyways.
Of course you can't see them very well. When I got home I sat looking at it, thinking -that's so ugly! What can I do to fix it? Crafters can usually find some way of hiding or making the best out of something they don't like...right!!!!
So I just started to spray the tag with water. Soaked it to death! The sprays, even tho dried, thined out, moved off the tag. But I just let the tag sit there in it's own puddle, on a paper towel over night. When I woke up, this is what I found....a tie dyed tag!!!!! Kinda pretty.....not saved by any means at this point, but interesting how the dylusions reacted to all that water. Likely the paper towel underneath helped to keep some color pooling underneath or whatever. Anyways...just wanted to share.
The portion not tie died is how the tag started out! I didn't soak it at the top.
But look, you can see the stamp! Whoo hoo.....(I'm such a kid!)

I did some more playing, soaked it some more and then built a card around it.
I used matching colored cardstock, a martha stewart punch,  a die cut and alcohol inked, acytate flower as well as a hand rolled flower and 2 different stamps. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon.
Both sides were so pretty, I just had to keep it a tag/bookmark, and so I built in a little pocket to hold it in place.
The final look of it reminded me of some nebula way out in space!


  1. Hello Laura,

    isn't that the fun of creativity ? Sometimes you create, but your creation goes it's own way :)

    I like the tye dye effect.
    I would just lighten up the top part a bit by "flickering" with water so there 's a more subtle transition between both parts. Or you could take ink away with the water brush to decolor the flower on top and make it pop more.

    greetings from belgium

  2. It's fun playing with them, isn't it? Love the colors you chose. You can also lay a stencil on them and spritz water over, and you've get that reaction with the stencil pattern... pretty cool!

  3. What a cool accident :) It really does look like tie-dye!

  4. You've convinced me! This is INCREDIBLE. I love the depth of color here. It's absolutely beautiful Laura!