Saturday, 6 April 2013

Vase Center Piece

I saw a version of this on Pinterest. So with the idea in my mind, we set out to find supplies.
From the Dollorama we bought the vase, the glass beads and the gift wrap. From Michael's we got the submersible lights, the flowers and the wired ribbons.
Originally we wanted a small tea light candle to float on top of the water, but because we weren't sure the restaurant would allow us to have an open flame, we went with the underwater lights.
See how it looks like ice!
It's not!
So easy to make, this is my version.
In layers:
Place in as many glass beads as you like on the bottom of the vase. I did about 1/4 full.
Then push in the submersible lights. (I liked them inside the beads, and facing down) They can also be placed so the light shines upwards. The lights are very very bright, I was surprised!
Cut a strip of clear gift wrap off the roll, crunch it up an place on top of the beads. Enough to fill the vase to the 3/4 point.
Wrap a piece of wire ribbon around the vase, nice a tight, make a bow....embellish with gems/pearls, but not too much it pulls/weighs down on the ribbon.
We constructed some flowers pedals pulled off a hydrangea head...all silk, added some blue preglittered foam to their centers to make them sparkle and let them float at the top.
Fill with water.
We made one for each table, and gave them as one of the prizes at the 50th anniversary dinner. Guests were so surprised to learn that wasn't ice in there. And equally wondered how the ice lasted all night long lol.
Anyone remember these little jugs? They're little milk jugs from a era gone by. About 5" high. We filled them with a small layer of white beads, stuff them full with the silk flowers, and a blue underwater light and the same ribbon. I just thought they were darling.
Michaels had the lights in white, red, blue and maybe one other color. I can't remember. You can actually see it in the botton left side of the jug. It's round, blue with a black line around it. Take your coupon with you, they aren't cheap!
I made the roses in behind the vase 
 with coffee filters and acrylic paint. See my posts here and here.


  1. Fabulous makes Laura. Must give this a try. TFS

    Annie x

  2. These tea lights are awesome. Thanks for sharing, I am going to make some for my daughters graduation party. : D