Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Noel... edited

Got my new TH die: Just playing around with it and this is my first!
It was a little to obvious when I asked the question on the ATT forum - what box did I use to cut this out - and I didn't want the recipient of the card to think pepperoni pizza when I want them to think Noel! So I covered it up even tho I loved the colors of the pizza box.


  1. I personally can't tell what box you used for your die cut, and I think it looks fabulous! Great job!

  2. I can't tell it's a box - I think it looks awesome! My vote - leave as is!

  3. Looks fabulous to me - I never would have noticed what it was had you not mentioned it. Beautiful card!

  4. I love this die Laura. It is really nice and so easy cut.

    I agree that yu would not know it was a pizza box.


    Annie x